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IT Outsourcing

Improve company performance and effectiveness with technology systems management with Rekret Team.


IT Oursourcing Solution

Managing your digital assets to reach more potential customers and sales through website and social media (Facebook Bussiness, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more)

Enterprise Resource Planning


All in One systems companies use to manage and integrate their core business processes & division

Customer Relationship Management


Integrated information system used to plan, schedule, and control pre-sales and post-sales activities within an organization.

Payment Point Online Bank


Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) is a real-time online bill payment service system for user & customers.

Human Resource


organize and improve employee performance with an integrated system. Calculation Salary, job description, project & attendance.



Expanding your business sales online. Create your system for electronic buying or selling of products on online services.

Inventory & Warehouse


Improve the efficiency of tracking inventory & suppliers for your business. Managing big warehouse just at the touch of a finger.

Whatsapp Automatical


Send broadcast messages without selecting them each time with AI technology can help you sort potential consumers.

Mobile Apps


Android & IOS based mobile application development services, with various needs and customized features with Modern UI/UX.

Company Profile


Inspire users & consumers with a creative company profile for your business. Show your company known by many user over internet

Intergration  ERP System

ERP software is designed to simplify and centralize specific business processes, such as purchasing, inventory, sales, accounting, finance, human resource. It can be paired with other business modules to facilitate management processes.

ERP enables companies to manage the critical parts of their business from a single application. Having a general understanding of an ERP’s purpose will help businesses understand the different ERP deployments and help better design ERP system integration.

ERP systems manage the critical parts of the business from one software. Rekret ERP system will help businesses to create ERP deployments and help better design ERP system integration. Rekret create ERP custom & works with a variety of business platforms to support enhanced departmental.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach that helps businesses improve existing customer relationships and acquire new customers faster.

Rekret development & improvement CRM System relevant for  busineses and customers. CRM Tool which acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, customer, projects support activities together

Payment Point Online Bank

PPOB is an integrated payment system that can pay for various user needs. PPOB system integrated into bank payments with Secure Online Payment. Protecting customers against attacks over the internet.

The payment system cooperates with several shops and companies to instruct the desired payment. Requires payment gateway API and third-party API to connect the apps.

Custom Your System Software

We develop systems solution specifically designed to suit company needs.Rekret integrate and link technology for cost effective, innovative and sensible solutions to our clients business requirements

Rekret can create a system like Apps mobile, Software GUI, & Website. Systems that can be combined and customized in the field accounting, finance, tax, inventory, human capital, marketing, customer services, and others can be customized. Rekret applies the latest technology and frameworks with various client needs

E-commerce System

The E-commerce industry is changing daily, driven by new trends and features, new ways to make online purchases that can be easy & fast.

E-commerce is not just a website UI/UX display for user interfaces. but we also help businesses to more easily manage products and inventory into the ceiling of the e-commerce system. this can improve performance and process time in business. With a payment system that is integrated with security. A delivery system that is integrated with expeditions in Indonesia.

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