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What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

The term "SEO" stands for "search engine optimization," and it refers to the practice of making changes to a website with the goal of raising its position in search results when people type in specific terms and phrases. 

For instance, you may look for things like "the greatest 55-inch television," "Indonesian graphic design services," or "how to learn Japanese" every day. The search results will then be shown, and you may select the one that seems to fit your needs the best.

These results are based on what Google thinks will be the most useful information for you, based on the keywords you entered. But in most cases, the sites you see rank on the first page not by chance. They use SEO to assist Google in understanding what their content is about. If you want your target audience to find your site, you need to do the same.

Why SEO is Needed?

SEO helps your website be found more easily by customers who are looking for the services/products you provide.

Our SEO Services

Full Suite SEO

Everything you need is provided by our professional Search Engine Optimization service. From targeted keyword research, Google Analytics setup, metadata description, SEO audit, link building, and lists are getting longer.

Local SEO

Local SEO services are most effective when the audience for your business is local. From Google My Business creation, optimization, to conversion tracking and geo tagging.

Google Analytics Configuration

Gain better insight into what factors are working for you and what are not. Monitoring complex tracking code and using a tag manager, our Analytics solutions can handle that for you.

SEO Audits

Don’t know about a reduction in the performance of your website? Let our SEO specialist audit important aspects of your site, such as traffic sources, metadata, meta descriptions, and keyword analysis

Google Penalty Recovery

We've had experience recovering sites from Google penalties. We'll get out of the penalty and help in growth your website.

SEO Consulting

We provide SEO Consultation Services so that you may receive advice and recommendations from our SEO Professional Team to develop your website.

E-Commerce SEO

Modern era need modern solution. Nowadays, having a beautiful eCommerce store is not enough. You require people to find your store. The solution is eCommerce SEO.

Technical SEO

Is the technical SEO on your website messed up? Our SEO specialists can assist you with meta tags, indexing, sitemaps, linking, keyword research and analysis, and much more

App Store Optimization

Our App Store Optimization (ASO) solution enhances the visibility of your mobile apps in the App Store and boosts app downloads.

Why Choose SEO Service from Rekret?

High Quality Services

For the benefit of our customers, we put in a lot of effort. 100% customer satisfaction is our priority.

24/7 Support

We're here to help you at all times with your difficulties and queries. When it comes to solving your difficulties or inquiries, our professionals are quick to respond and highly knowledgeable

We are Affordable

We keep everything simple and clear for you, and our SEO services are also affordable. There are no unexpected additional fees or hidden costs.

Full Transparency

Transparency is a top priority for us, and we inform our clients of everything. There's nothing like a secret. You will know what we will do.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving a site's ranking in the search results of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. To improve website traffic and sales using it.

For instance, let's say you own a website that sells leather products and shoes, and you want it to come up as the top result on Google everytime when potential consumer types in "buy leather shoes."

The results presented by the main search engines are divided into two special categories: organic results (SEO) and paid results (SEA), commonly known as sponsored adverts.

Reaching your target market will be lot easier if you concentrate on attracting visitors who are actively looking for information about your industry, products, and services.

Additionally, it allows you to connect with your audience at a time when they are contemplating making a purchase or contracting a service. Because of this, SEO is incredibly successful at boosting your company's sales.

In short, SEO represents a huge source of traffic for websites that may increase their fame and revenue productivity.

Almost 60% of all internet traffic starts with a Google search. If we add to Google the figures relating to other big players such as Youtube, Yahoo, and Bing, we get close to 71% of the total web traffic that comes directly from search engines. Based on this data we know it is very important to do Search Engine Optimization.

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