Email Marketing

One of the most effective methods to introduce your company

What is
E-mail Marketing Service?

Email Marketing

Email marketing companies offer assistance in solving email marketing-related issues. We will help you with a variety of things, such as:
-Manage your customer email id.
-Collect email id from potential customers.
-Boost view rate on your business email
-Create newspapers, advertising emails, contact emails and survey emails.
-Increase the success rate of your promotional campaigns

Benefits of E-mail Marketing

Reach potential clients globally

Reach potential clients globally

According to Statista, there were 4.1 billion email users worldwide in 2019. The number of users is expected to reach 4.3 billion (half of the world's population) by 2023. Email marketing makes it easy to connect with your target audience every single day of the year.
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Increase customer involvement

Increase customer involvement

When it comes to finding out about new goods and services, 70% of customers prefer content over advertisements.
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Retain customers and increase customer acquisition rates

Retain customers and increase customer acquisition rates

80% of small businesses use email marketing for customer acquisition, while 80% of company use it for customer retention. Email has the most effect and reach of any marketing strategy.
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Interactive Email Enhances Clicks Rate

Interactive Email Enhances Clicks Rate

The click rate is increased by 300% when interactive emails contain movies, GIFs, and infographics.
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Most Profitable ROI/Return Of Investment

Highest ROI

Email Marketing offers the best return on investment among all marketing tools. This gives a return of IDR 626,000 for every IDR 14,200 spent.
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Increase in Sales and Revenue

Increase in Sales and Revenue

59% of customers agree that email marketing affects their decisions to purchase goods and services. Besides that, income from segmented email campaigns increased by 760%.
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Why Choose Our E-mail Marketing Service?

Flexible Packages

We offer Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses at very affordable prices. You may select from one of our packages or consult with our experts to obtain a special plan designed that fit to your budget and email marketing goals. 

High Deliverability

It is crucial to prevent emails from your company from being identified as spam when using email marketing. Rekret's Email Marketing specialist ensure that your emails appear in primary mailboxes every time. Our email has a user acceptance rate of 99%.

Responsive Design

According to the most recent statistics, 46% among all emails are viewed on mobile devices, so it is crucial to optimize emails for mobile view. Our designer create Email Template with responsive design that provide consistent experiences, whatever device used for viewing.

Result-Oriented Strategies

Based on research, we develop unique strategies. To ensure that you receive the most return on your investment, our experts can handle anything from developing email templates, writing attractive content, dividing subject lines and test material, personalization and segmentation, to advanced email marketing strategies.

Detailed Reports

We evaluate each campaign's effectiveness using crucial stats including click-through rate, email open rate, website traffic, conversion rate, and unsubscribes. Also, we provide detailed monthly reports. 

Unsubscribe facility Available

This facility helps the user to unsubscribe from the emails he gets from any brand. It is very crucial to have such functionality as it will give the user with several options.


We have experiences working with customers from a variety of sectors and are familiar with the challenges facing by companies nowadays. Our team can develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy that increases customer engagement and conversion rates.

Manage Email IDs

It is very important to manage e-mail addresses as they contain customers' personal information. We are available to help you with those issues because we also manage customer email id data for you.


You must provide useful, up-to-date content that benefits customers. Before developing content, you should understand your content consumption habits, customer preferences and the requirements of your target audience. The skilled content writers at Saffron Edge can assist you in creating the ideal content with the correct balance of text and images that connected with your audience straight away and encourages them to visit your website.

The majority of businesses decide to purchase email lists, which is strictly prohibited according to our experts.  Your subscription list must be upgraded personally. To encourage visitors to your website, blog, and social media pages to provide their email address, you may conduct contests, offer promotions, and offer giveaways.

Rekret has an easy-to-use wizard that makes it simple to upload mail lists to our system. Make sure your list is in “.csv” format. (You can create this file extension by using MS Excel).

It doesn't matter depending on what kind of market you are trying to target. We have a number of email data-based-company that partners with us that offer high quality email lists. Also, we have a extensive database of over 120 million contacts that is divided into groups such as consumer, business, SIC code, profession, geographic location, and many other demographic options to be choosen. Let us assist you in finding the perfect listing for your business, and begin your Email Blast today!

Obviously, you may see this as one of many other things from Rekret's automatic reporting. We keep track of every click made on your emails, and we even let you know which email addresses in your list actually clicked on them, along with any other applicable contact data. You can also see when they opened the email.

Absolutely, Rekret will never rent or sell your email list. Your list will be protected and only can be accessed through your username and password.

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